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<BR><BR>Kambala Bougarabou 12" x 24" [KBO137]

Kambala Bougarabou 12" x 24" [KBO137]

Aaron says: "This extra thick skin will last years and won’t need to be mollycoddled like some of our more delicate djembe skins. Usually played in pairs or in a set of three this West African drum can be compared to the Latino Conga drums."
£ 239.00
<BR><BR>Kambala Bougarabou 11" x 24" [BKO136]

Kambala Bougarabou 11" x 24" [BKO136]

Aaron says: “ usually these skins are de-haired but the hairy versions feature in these pics and can be available too”.
£ 230.00
<BR><BR>Kambala Bougarabou 10" x 24" [KBO135]

Kambala Bougarabou 10" x 24" [KBO135]

Aaron says: “the smaller of the 3 in the set”.
£ 215.00
<BR><BR>Kambala Bougarabou 8" x 12" [KBO130]

Kambala Bougarabou 8" x 12" [KBO130]

Aaron says: “A great, rugged little drum which will stand up to the most challenging situations”

£ 95.00

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