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Latin Percussion

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<BR><BR>Xequere – wide throat – large 20cm [CTXE05]

Xequere – wide throat – large 20cm [CTXE05]

Aaron says: “These Brazilian versions of the African Shekeres are superb!”
£ 99.00
<BR><BR>Gope Rocar (single) [GPR01]<br />

Gope Rocar (single) [GPR01]

Aaron says: “These rocars are amazing percussion instruments…and double up as mad max props for your next fancy dress party!”
£ 17.50
<BR><BR>Large Berimbau Natural Pro [CTBE160P]

Large Berimbau Natural Pro [CTBE160P]

Aaron says: “ These Brazilian berimbaus are the tools of the shaman!”
£ 50.00
<BR><BR>Ginga Pandeiro 8” Wood. Goat Head [CTPA08H]

Ginga Pandeiro 8” Wood. Goat Head [CTPA08H]

Aaron says: “The original tambourine! If you’ve ever seen this instrument played well you know how versatile it is”.
£ 49.99
<BR><BR>Triangle 15cm [LITR015]

Triangle 15cm [LITR015]

Aaron says: “the triangle is a serious percussion instrument. Once seen played well you’ll never confuse this instrument as a joke instrument”.
£ 12.99

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